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Welcome on our website.

Sýkorova mostu
28.října 2
702 00 OSTRAVA 1
Tel: +420 596 120 105
Email: cajovna@infocity.cz

Czech version    Polish version    German version    English version

Monday - Thursday10:00 - 22:00
Friday 10:00 - 23:00
Saturday 14:00 - 23:00
Sunday 14:00 - 22:00
In June, July and August
on weekdays from 11:00.
On holiday from 14:00.

Tearoom by the Bridge of Milos Sykora, Ostrava

You've just got through the mirror into the Looking-glass House…

Nowhere in Europe will you encounter the phenomenon which has in such abundance been thriving in the Czech Republic since the collapse of the communist regime - the unique world of tea rooms.

One can find small shops selling quality tea, tea ceramics and tea service all across the world; however, you rarely get the chance to taste the tea on the spot and even if you do the choice is usually limited to local production. A traveller needs Fortune on his side to find open door to the genuine tea Eden bringing together aroma and sound; concerto of flavours and peace; eastern tradition and people enchanted by the poetics of tea. These humble harmonies are quite unique and unrepeatable. A tea tree branches out into various ways of growing, processing, preparation and even, sipping. What a joy in the variety and contrasts of comparison!

In our tea room we are striving to capture, concentrate and share fragments of these most subtle arts. In quivering hands we bring you the end result of work of thousands of people from all parts of the world who grow, process, transport and taste tea. We tried to select an assortment of the most flamboyant world teas representing not only the embodiment of their origin but also value for money. We cordially invite you to sample the results.

Dear European (Earthling, Martian…), should you find your way to our place, you will enter a new world where all your desires shall be satisfied. Here you can taste any tea you wish and try out any tea set you like. Every tea magic will be conjured for you right in front of your eyes in the manner typical for its country of origin and even into a tea-pot from its homeland. You will also have an opportunity to examine a unique selection of Czech tea ceramics the manufacture of which has been flourishing lately. And then, when your drink is finally ready, you can debate it standing; enjoy it sitting on a creaking bamboo chair, lying by growth rings hidden behind the screens of your own bashfulness or gently flying around in comfortable baskets wrapped in the aroma of the orient. Let us tell you the tales of the Thousand Nights and a Night!

My mysterious stranger, stop and the electron configuration of your valence levels will be finely tuned.

The rest of this website is not translated; however, much can be guessed and on the other hand not even 1000 pages of chit-chat would depict the real thing. How could one describe the fragrance of fresh Darjeeling or capture the glimmering reflections in a tea cup? Once in our tea room a complete menu in English, we, your tea servants, and your own senses will be fully at your disposal. We are looking forward to doing everything we can for you!

(If you have some questions, please send us email. We try to reply as soon as possible.)
The Enterpriser and the Tea Servants


PŘÍBĚH O ČAJI (sufijský příběh)

V dávných dobách nebyl čaj za hranicemi Číny znám. Pověsti o něm dolehly k uším moudrých i nemoudrých z jiných zemí. Každý se snažil zjistit, oč jde, podle toho, jak si čaj představoval.

Vyhledejte si čaj pro dnešní den...


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